Instructional Design Genius

A project management tool that actually assists in the creation of the project deliverable. IDG’s toolkit supports you from Analysis through Evaluation.

  • Apply proven methodology & enhance your learning development acumen


  • Create structure every step of the way from analysis through evaluation


  • Drive speed & efficiency, improve communication, and create deliverables that demonstrate ROI

Our Philosophy

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


This simple, yet astute maxim embodies Instructional Design Genius’ mission to empower those who wish to create and deliver engaging learning experiences.


The leaders at Instructional Design Genius realize good learning solutions draw from sound theory and experience. We believe high quality training paints context, focuses on behavior change, produces measurable results, and engages learners through an array of activities that drive retention.


Dive Into Learning

Take Control of Your Process

Mitigate pressures regarding time, cost, and resources, by which ``training`` often devolves into passive, dry, PowerPoints on steroids that accomplish little other than communicate information in the least efficient manner possible.


Calculate Time & Costs

Provide Customers Accurate Estimates

Our proprietary time and cost calculator allows learning professionals to build accurate estimates in a matter of minutes and provide SMEs, leadership, and the end customer with accurate information to aid them in making key decisions regarding training options. Leverage our requirements-based approach to arrive at customized estimates that will aid you in demonstrating accountability to your customers.


Explore Articles

Expand Your Knowledge & Skills

Read articles, review research, and weigh-in on all things pertaining to training & development! Join the conversation in an active exchange of ideas!