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Welcome & Posting Rules

Welcome to Instructional Design Genius, the first Project Management Platform for Learning Professionals! We are a community and encourage our members to submit posts about any training-related topic.


To create the best possible experience for our users please abide by the following rules:


  1. Provide specific resources/links when sharing information such as statistics or study outcomes to promote accuracy.
  2. Try to avoid all-emcompassing words like, “never” or “always.” We all have different perspectives/experiences and “reality” often depends upon our individual lens.
  3. Please challenge others appropriately to ensure we engage in spirited debate rather than verbal war.
  4. Be patient when waiting for submissions to appear on the live site. We moderate as fast as humanly possible but remain a small company with limited capacity.
  5. Enjoy learning from each other!


We appreciate your contributions to make Instructional Design Genius an accurate, lively, and engaging resource. Because we want to best serve our customers, we continually look for ways to improve our site and offerings. Feel free to provide feedback about the tool suite, site navigation, and user experience. We read all your comments and value your opinion.

Thank you and welcome to Instructional Design Genius.

Chris Straley
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