Design 2


Build a training plan and blueprint for your proposed solution. Work chronologically by fully fleshing out your ideas, or adopt an agile approach and complete Design in tandem with Development.

eLearning Development Checklist

Creating an engaging eLearning takes a lot more effort than posting a presentation or instructor-led class content online. Learn all about it and hone your process by using the eLearning Checklist.

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Roles & Responsibilities

Clear role definition promotes effective project management. Start everyone on the same page by outlining responsibilities of four key roles: instructional designer, eLearning developer, project sponsor and subject matter expert.

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ILT Development Checklist

A strong instructor-led class is engaging, informational, interactive, easy-to-deliver, and digestible for the learner. That’s a lot to expect! The Instructor-Led Checklist outlines steps that make it possible.

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Storyboard Template

Caputure SME, sponsor and peer feedback during the design phase to create alignment and avoid unecesary rework. The storyboard template provides a structure to create a script, outline visual concepts, and structure content flow.

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